The Boom (Il Boom) (1963) Film Review


Italy 88 Mins

It’s the sixties, it’s Rome, everything is beautiful and everyone is glamourous. Giovanni (Giovanni Alberti) is in love with his stunning wife and the lavish lifestyle they share – even though he cannot afford it. He is desperate to find a way to fund his lifestyle but no-one is sympathetic – not friends, not colleagues, no-one. Then an unusual offer arises that he has no choice but to consider.

This film is funny and gorgeous (if extremely dated with some cringeworthy homophobia) and quite delightful (provided you can get past said homophobia). It’s sort of a morality tale – Giovanni has his chance to tell those who ignore him what he thinks of them, however it’s hard to feel really sorry for him when you known that these are the elite of society and that he could make choices that would allow him to sort his life out. But still – the dresses! The cars! The décor!

The Boom is screening at 9pm on Thursday August 7 at ACMI and at 4pm on Wedneday August 13 at the Forum. Book tickets at MIFF or call 9662 3722