It Felt Like Love (2013) – MIFF Film Review


USA 82 mins

Lila (Gina Piersanti) is fourteen, lives in Brooklyn and is spending her summer holidays hanging out with her older best friend, Chiara (Giovanna Salimeni), and Chiara’s boyfriend at the beach. She feels left out, and turns her affections to Sammy (Ronen Rubenstein), a college friend of Chiara’s.

I became really annoyed watching this film. I didn’t care for any of the characters or for what they did. When Lila started to pursue Sammy, I didn’t feel any sense of emotion from her, and so his lack of interest didn’t seem particularly hurtful toward her. I suppose the film gave a strong sense of place and time, but I was mostly bored and disinterested.

It Felt Like Love screens at ACMI on Friday, July 26 at 11am and Greater Union on Sunday, July 28 at 9pm. To book tickets, visit