Past Tense by Lee Child – Book Review

On his usual drifting around the US, Reacher spots a sign to his father’s hometown and decides to take a visit. But when he gets there, no-one’s heard of the name Reacher, nothing’s in the records. As always, Reacher is not satisfied with this and sets out to track down the truth and, of course, nothing is as it seems.

Great. One of the great Reacher books. Mystery, confusion, and a whole heap of bad guys and violence. Just what we’re after from a Reacher.

Night School by Lee Child – Book Review

Jack Reacher’s been put back on assignment, so to speak. There has been as assassination, and there are only a handful of people across the world with the abilities required to do it. Reacher, along with a couple of other specialists, need to find out who did it, and the clock is ticking.

Love it. There is a problem, there is an amount of time to solve the problem and Reacher’s on it. He breaks the rules, he hurts the people who need to be hurt, and he takes care of things. Done.

The Enemy by Lee Child – Book Review

The Enemy takes us into Jack Reacher’s past, back to when he was a Military Policeman and dealing with a most unusual case. There are people dying, and at the same time, army officials are being moved from base to base across the globe. Reacher is suspicious, and once he finds a couple of people he can trust (unsurprisingly one being a highly attractive woman), he gets to work figuring it out.

Oh, so good. Young Reacher, Reacher’s brother, travelling the world, it’s all happening. At school, the mum of one of my mates used to call these types of books chewing gum books – in the same way that chewing gum tricks your stomach into thinking that it’s about to eat, reading these books trick your mind into thinking it’s about to get some knowledge. (Actually, the Reacher books are a lot better than the rubbish I was enjoying back then, but similar). I like to think of them as palate cleansers – just to get me ready for another mental meal.

Persuader by Lee Child – Book Review

Given that the main reason for starting this blog was as film and book diary for myself, the key question I really need to have with the Jack Reacher books that I love so much is how to tell which is which? So, for myself, this is the one with the swimming in the freezing cold ocean past the wall. I reckon I’ll know what I mean.

In this book, Jack Reacher is infiltrating the house of a criminal mastermind, using his son as the way in. See, an FBI agent went missing while trying to crack a case, and Reacher needs to set things right. (It’s hardly a spoiler alert to say that he does – but it’s in the way that he does it. Fabulous.)

Echo Burning by Lee Child – Book Review

Having got out of New York, out from under Jodie’s thumb, Reacher is on the road. Hitch hiking, he meets Carmen, a woman who needs his help. She’s in an abusive relationship with a rich man who is in prison, but the man is about to be released. She cannot just run – not from this family. Will Reacher help? Of course! With his sense of justice, he cannot leave her there, but are things as she says they are? Who can help Reacher?

There’s never a shortage of beautiful women and bad guys to keep Reacher bored for long, and he certainly get to beat up some bad guys in this one. Plus, the doubt that is cast on the damsel in distress. Is Reacher being played? Even he begins to doubt himself – wonderful!

The Visitor by Lee Child – Book Review

Nothing like a Jack Reacher book for a bit of gory fun. So, whilst hanging out in New York with his new love, Jodie, living on the ranch her father(Reacher’s old army boss) left Reacher in his will, he starts feeling a bit hemmed in. See, Reacher is a wanderer, he don’t like to be fenced in. He needs to be free, dammit! Then the FBI trick him into helping with a case – a group of women, all of whom had successful sexual harassment cases in the Army but then left – are being killed. Not just killed, but found dead, in a bath full of camouflage paint with no apparent cause of death. Reacher helps because he has to regardless of what he actually wants, but eventually his sense of right and wrong totally suck him in to the case.

I just love these books. I’ve read this before and I still couldn’t remember how it all played out. Reacher is the most wonderful character – even though in this book he is downright nasty to one of the other characters, you still want to be on his side. Because no matter what happens, Reacher’s side is the winning side.