Spectre (2015) Film Review

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James Bond (Daniel Craig) is off around the world, against agency orders following some interesting leads. M (Ralph Fiennes) is not happy. Especially because there is a new group coming in, headed by C (Andrew Scott) who wants to put the 00 program to bed. Then there’s the bad guy, who’s name I’m not going to give because that alone is a bit of a spoiler alert, but he’s played by Christoph Waltz yet again doing a magnificent job as a bad guy. And there’s a lot of plot and action and the like.

And it is awesome. I was the only James Bond watcher in the world who didn’t like Skyfall (or so it seems), so I was glad to enjoy this. Bond films have a wonderful reputation for magnificent opening sequences, and this is no exception. Worth seeing for it alone!


Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Film Review

Tomorrow Never Dies

I reckon this was probably the first or second Bond film I saw, and I think that Pierce Brosnan is one of my favourite Bonds. Him and Sean Connery. Daniel Craig’s pretty rocking as well. I could go on like this for a while bunch more names and probably end up naming all of the Bond actors, but perhaps I should get back to the film.

This is an excellent Bond film – running, shoot, parachuting, scuba outfits, raunchy moments with beautiful women, car chases. All of that.  How marvellous. See, a British boat has been sunk, supposedly in Chinese waters. When Bond goes to investigate, he discovers that a missile has been stolen, and sets out to find out by whom and how. Along the way, he meets a couple of beautiful women, one of them ends up not so much alive and he needs to avenge her death which conveniently also allows him to wrap up all the other stuff.



The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Film Review


Oh no!  A nuclear submarine has been stolen. What to do? Send in Bond. Give him the chance to scuba a lot in his little shorts with beautiful women in bikinis. Things won’t go smoothly – oh no. But eventually, spoiler alert, Bond will beat the bad guy, shag the beautiful woman and the world will be safe again. Until next time.

For me, the best thing in this was Atlantis, the most spectacular of all super-villain bases (that I’ve seen so far). It’s way cool, emerges from the water in the most fascinating and awesome manner and what’s more, despite being an underwater hideaway, it has its own pool with killer sharks. Too good.


Is this better or worse than any of the old Bond films? I don’t know. I still love the kitsch, the style, the bad fights and the crappy special effects. It’s ace fun.

The Spy Who Loved Me was nominated for Oscars for Best Art-Direction-Set Decoration, Best Music – Original Score and Best Music – Original Song for the song ‘Nobody Does It Better’.