A Million Little Pieces by James Frey – Book Review


The biggest scandal on the Oprah show. This book, already a bestselling autobiography, became the Oprah’s Bookclub Book of the Month, going on to sell many, many more copies. And then it became known that it was, in fact, not biography. In fact, it was made up. Oprah grilled him and then, sometime later, had a special show as a whole interview telling what it was all about. Apparently, it was all marketing, and he never claimed that it as true and what a disaster.

So, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, the big question: is it a good book? The answer? I loved it. It’s horrific and gross yet poetic and wonderful. It’s the story of a very broken twenty-three-year-old who ends up, after years of addiction and abuse of alcohol and a variety of drugs, in rehab.

What did I like? I think James Frey’s writing is extremely poetic even in all of its horror. While I didn’t like the story, I also totally loved it. What didn’t I like? I had a few issues with the fact that this main character is such a turd who won’t listen and you just know that his life is going to turn to shit. And yet, I really liked him and wanted him to get through. And I hated the relationship with Lily that seemed so wrong and destructive, and yet the character needed it. Overall, I’ve decided that I really liked it. Although, to be fair, liked it definitely not the right word. Appreciated. And I am really glad I’ve read it.