Three Things About Elsie by Joanna Cannon – Audio Book Review

Florence lives a pretty happy existence in her retirement home, hanging out with her mate Elsie. But when a man comes to the home who looks exactly like a man who died when Elsie was young, strange things start to happen.

It’s a really interesting book. I feel as though there aren’t a lot of books written about elderly people having active lives. For many, I think once people are in a home, they are forgotten. Any kind of deviant behaviour (like autonomy over self, over time, over personality) is frowned upon. I think it’s even more rare for a book to be written from the perspective of someone with dementia. In these ways, this is quite a rare book. I’d highly recommend it as an audiobook – Paula Wilcox is an excellent narrator, and I’ve just discovered that you can search Audible by narrator, so that’s exciting.