Attack the Block (2011) Film Review


There’s a gang of teenagers terrorizing one of the roughest council estates in London, mugging people and generally being a pain. Then aliens attack and they must find a way to survive.

Fabulous. Just fabulous. Here’s a film with an excellent sense of humour, low-budget but with excellent special effects, great story, everything you need in a good film. I cannot recommend this film enough. I will watch it again and again, I hope. Actually, I hope they play this at a moonlight cinema sometime, that would be an awesome night!


Venus (2006) Film Review


Peter O’Toole and Leslie Phillips play a couple of elderly actors, Maurice and Ian, living in London, dealing with failing health and loss of independence. Ian’s niece sends her daughter, Jessie (Jodie Whittaker) to town to take care of him, but he is distressed with her lack of compassion and total selfishness. Maurice is enamored of this young lady, with her anger toward the world, and they form an unlikely friendship.

Whittaker plays Jessie perfectly. Annoying, selfish, rude yet strangely naïve. Overall, it is quite a depressing and honest look at old age and all that it entails, from illness and difficulty getting around through to attitudes towards the elderly. It’s very good; bordering on sadtacular, but very good.