Office Space (1999) Film Review


Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) hates his job in the office. The work is meaningless, the cubicles unbearable and each of his eight bosses (including the ever- wonderful Gary Cole) take him to task over even the slightest error. His girlfriend takes him to an occupational hypnotherapist who has a heart attack mid-session leaving Gibbons relaxed and honest – leading to a promotion at work, a break-up with his cheating girlfriend and the confidence to ask out the beautiful waitress, Joanna (Jennifer Annisten). But when his friends are to be fired, he needs to get out of his haze and try to do something.

I expect that for those working in offices, this is still a highly relevant film. It has definitely dated (well, with references to Y2K compliance, it was bound to age) but the themes have not. Micro-management by incompetent bosses, dreams of more (or in the case of Gibbons, less) and mis-use of stationery.