Lambs of God by Marlene Day vs Lambs of God – TV Review and Book Review

Lambs of God by Marele Day

Three nuns live off the British coast in a ruin of a convent. They are Sisters Margarita, Iphigenia and Carla, two older women and one much younger. Their days are punctuated with prayer, stories and knitting the wool they shear and spin from the sheep who share their space. They are an enclosed order, which means that they have no contact with the rest of the world, so when a young priest appears to tell them that the head honchos of the church plan to sell their land, it doesn’t go down too well.

I loved this book so much. It’s hilarious, the characters are so beautifully depicted with their flaws, their strange existence, their power and their weaknesses. I love the stories they tell each other, fairy tales changed to suit their purpose. Wonderful.

Lambs of God – TV Review

A four-part mini-series was produced in 2019 starring the wonderful Essie Davis as Sister Iphigenia and Ann Dowd as Sister Margarita amongst others. I was very excited about it – it looked beautiful, the convent was run down and the nuns filthy and wild as depicted in the book. There was always going to be a few issues translating for the screen as I felt the end of the book wrapped up a bit easily. However, I wasn’t expecting a whole additional plot line which I felt was mostly unnecessary and really ruined the story for me.