Past Tense by Lee Child – Book Review

On his usual drifting around the US, Reacher spots a sign to his father’s hometown and decides to take a visit. But when he gets there, no-one’s heard of the name Reacher, nothing’s in the records. As always, Reacher is not satisfied with this and sets out to track down the truth and, of course, nothing is as it seems.

Great. One of the great Reacher books. Mystery, confusion, and a whole heap of bad guys and violence. Just what we’re after from a Reacher.

Night School by Lee Child – Book Review

Jack Reacher’s been put back on assignment, so to speak. There has been as assassination, and there are only a handful of people across the world with the abilities required to do it. Reacher, along with a couple of other specialists, need to find out who did it, and the clock is ticking.

Love it. There is a problem, there is an amount of time to solve the problem and Reacher’s on it. He breaks the rules, he hurts the people who need to be hurt, and he takes care of things. Done.

Blue Moon by Lee Child – Book Review

Jack Reacher is on a bus going nowhere in particular as per usual when he sees an old bloke is about to be robbed. He steps off and finds himself helping a man who is being destroyed financially, having to turn to loan sharks in a town divided. And he can’t just let it be.

Lee Child makes a really interesting point about the current state of the US healthcare system – a system that the rest of the world can’t begin to understand, and which is having all its flaws exposed during our current COVID-19 crisis. But he does it putting the focus elsewhere, dealing with the underworld criminals rather than taking straight aim at a criminal process. Reacher can’t change a system, but ha can break some arms.

Make Me by Lee Child – Book Review

Reacher is in a remote town in the middle of the US and strange things are happening. This is one of those bools where Reacher accidentally ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets tied up in a ridiculous and confusing plot with dead people and conspiracies.

It’s fine. It’s very similar to at least one of the other books, so I felt as though I knew exactly what was going to happen, and when it was different, it was a nice surprise. But this isn’t one of my favourite Reachers. And not one of my favourite titles either.

Personal by Lee Child – Book Review

An assassin has taken a shot at the President of France, and it seems it has to have been one of the best snipers in the world. There are only a handful of people in can be and Reacher is one of the few brought in to figure out who it was, and to try to ensure that nothing further happens, in particular at the upcoming G8 summit. But is the assassination attempt actually what it appeared?

Loved it. Loved watching Reacher trying to get into the head of the potential criminals, working out possible plots and getting into the nitty gritty. This is a good one.

Never Go Back by Lee Child – Book Review

Finally, after several books, Reacher has made it to Virginia to meet Major Susan Turner, the voice on the other end of the line, only to discover that she’s been arrested and, to him, it all seems very suss. Then he’s informed that he is under investigation on two counts, one which is a lawsuit from a woman claiming that he is the father of her daughter. He could walk away from Susan and the investigations would disappear, but that’s not Reacher’s way.

This is the book that forms the basis of the second Reacher film starring Tom Cruise. As such, reading the book, I kept thinking I knew what was coming, but the film is quite different to the book. Having seen the film really ruined the book for me, which is a shame. Still, there are a whole heap more Reacher books that I’ll be able to enjoy that haven’t been ruined…

A Wanted Man by Lee Child – Book Review

After his last adventures, Jack Reacher finally is on his way to Virginia to meet the woman who had helped him several books back. On the way, he is picked up while hitchhiking by an odd trio – three supposed work colleagues. He figures out that things are not as they seem, and meanwhile local and federal authorities are trying to solve a murder in a small town.

It’s implausible and ridiculous, but I love the way that Jack Reacher can work pretty much everything out in his head due to his knowledge about everything. He can work out that a bad guy is heading to a particular city because if you are on this road and you have this much fuel and you want to avoid this and make that, it’s the only place you can go. Or a whole thing about blinking and head nods and morse code and, look, it’s totally nuts and I’m totally buying it. I think this was one of my all-time Jack Reacher faves.

The Affair by Lee Child – Book Review

We go back in time a bit from the last book, back to when Reacher was still in service and was sent to investigate a murder near a military base. Only, not really sent to investigate – politics and power, Reacher thinks he’s there for more of a cover up. But that’s not how Reacher works, especially when he discovers that there is not one dead woman, but three. And they all appear connected.

I kept feeling like Reacher was doing the wrong thing – and I liked it. He was not taking advice, he was walking into dangerous situations and getting into trouble. And, of course, he came out on top. Go Reacher.

Worth Dying For by Lee Child – Book Revew

*spoiler from previous book*

At the end of 61 Hours, the previous in the Jack Reacher series, we don’t know what’s happened to Jack. Last we saw him, he was in a strange bunker with only one way out when there was a huge explosion and, as far as we knew, he was gone. Of course, when there are 20+ books, there’s a fair chance we’ll see him again. And here he turns up in a small town in Nebraksa, walking a bit stiffly but otherwise seeming to be ok. But, then he runs into trouble. Well, of course he does. See, he’s in the bar of a motel when the town alcoholic doctor receives a call to treat a battered woman, and refuses. Reacher is a good citizen and insists on helping the woman. Only she’s the wife of a nasty guy, and by helping, Reacher has started a whole thing. And being a good citizen, he can’t just let things be.

Horrible bad guys, violence, Reacher smashing people’s legs and arms and faces and all kinds. The only thing missing in this is the ‘romance’ – and by romance, Reacher doesn’t get any one-on-one lady time this book. But he’s on his way to Virginia to try to find the woman from the phone in 61 Hours, so I guess he had to stay faithful.

61 Hours by Lee Child – Book Review

Jack Reacher has, yet again, ended up in trouble. This time, he’s on a bus in the freeing winter of South Dakota. A freak accident and Reacher is stranded. However, things are not as they appear (are they ever?) – the town has a new prison, there’s been a murder and there’s a witness who is in tenuous protection and there are only, you got it, 61 Hours until…

Who is good, who is bad? Who can you trust? How do these people end up dead? And how is Reacher going to survive that extreme cold? Yet another Reacher doozy. I’d wonder how Lee Child does it again and again, but he really just does.