Deliver Us From Evil (Fri os fra det onde) (2009) Film Review


Johannes (Lasse Rimmer) and Pernille (Lene Nystrom) have brought their two children back to his hometown for a tree-change, getting away from his stressful law work in Oslo. In the lead up to the celebration of the nation, one group of ex-military are feeling particularly racist and this feeling is directed at Bosnian national, Alain (Bojan Navojec). This comes to a head after a road accident that has Johannes’ brother Lars (Jens Anderson) setting Alain up for a fall, and Lars’ boss Ingvar (Mogens Pedersen) has his demons released.

There are too many films being incorrectly categorised as horror or suspense. Either that, or I am just watching films that are not very good at depicting these genres. See, I don’t tend to watch horror or suspense films as I get too stressed out. Deliver Us From Evil certainly had some gross, violent scenes, but nothing that really made me uncomfortable. Plus, the plot was not as developed as it should have been; the twists were not strong and not that surprising and the end was quite disappointing.

What was interesting was the look into small town Norwegian life and the glimpse into the darkness beneath. After being so thoroughly enamored by Lilliput, it is very interesting to see a different, much darker side to Norway.