Taken (2008) Film Review


Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) has retired from the CIA to live near his ex-wife Lenore (Franke Janssen) and teenage daughter Kim (Maggie Grace).  Against his better judgement, he lets his daughter travel to France where she is promptly taken (whilst on the phone to her father).  He gets himself over there and will do anything to save her.


Oh, yay action films. Liam Neeson runs and fights with the best of them and really makes the movie. The premise is quite awful, but makes the urgency of the rescue even more intense. Fabulous.



Unknown (2011) Film Review


Unknown is everything you want from a Liam Neeson movie. Fighting, running, desperation, outrage, and then that little smile that he gives to the special lady in the film that melts you just a bit. Okay, I’m not going to attempt to hide that I have a bit of a thing for Liam Neeson.

This film has Liam Neeson about to check in to a Berlin hotel with his wife, only he gets into an accident and wakes after being in a coma for three days. When he awakes, he knows who he is, but no one else does. And then it gets really exciting.

Man, sometimes I forget how much I enjoy action films. I like not having to think at all, and allowing myself to get surprised by the twists, even if they are obvious. I expect that many viewers of this film may well have figured out what was going on, at least to some extent. Not me, no siree. I let everything surprise me. I even get sucked in by the over-the-top music and the handheld camera chases. It’s all good.