Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) Film Review

After losing money in an illegal card game to a dodgy criminal, a group of young blokes have to try to get a shit ton of money in a hurry. There are crims of all kinds, there are drugs and heaps and heaps of blokes who are just a bit too clever.

This is such a perfect, 90s first feature type of film. Arty camera angles and special effects, great soundtrack, dialogue which is just a bit cleverer than it needs to be (along with a few massive pinches of ‘as if’). It was great back then… now? Well, it’s aged badly for me. What I loved then for being a bit sexy and cool is now cheesy and shit. And back then, I don’t think I cared if a cast was almost all white and male. Now… I just expect more. But what was really nice was a surprise appearance by Rob Brydon – that was nice! I’d love to see what someone seeing it for the first time would think – would it be clever and a bit sexy, or just a bit crap?

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels won the 1999 BAFTA Audience Choice award and was nominated for Best British Film and Best Editing.