Lucy (2014) Film Review


After being captured and forced to be a drug mule with a new substance, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is beaten and the drug begins to seep into her system. It seems that the drug allows the human to access the 90% of the brain that they don’t use, and that makes you totally magic. And Morgan Freeman is in it.

I knew that getting past the “science” was going to be tough. It is not true that we only use 10% of our brains, and there is no way that we could function if we did. But I thought I might be able to let it go… I couldn’t. There are so many other ways this could have been written to make it less ridiculous and unreal, and to have to swallow Morgan Freeman’s scientist saying “oh, yes, 10%”. The action of the film was great, and I’m quite a fan of Scarlett Johansson, but this is not a great film.

Taken 2 (2012) Film Review


In revenge for the many people Byran Mills (Liam Neeson) killed when rescuing his daughter from sex traffickers in Taken, he and his wife are taken. Yet, somehow he manages to, in front of the bad guys, he instructs his daughters as to what to do, which involves setting off various grenades until eventually he fixes everything.

Perhaps it was because the main hero was kidnapped for part of it, but I felt like this film didn’t take off until close to the end. Still, Liam Neeson running and shooting things and punching people – that’s quite good. Can they pull off Taken 3 in 2015? I’ll wait and see.