Walkabout (1971) Film Review


This film is a piece of Australian classic cinema, and it’s got that wonderful, strange style of filmmaking of the seventies. Lots of jumpcuts, changing from one thing to another to make connections or contrasts, odd music. Just general strangeness – and wonderfulness also.

The story is that there are two kids, Girl (Jenny Agutter who I have more recently enjoyed in Call the Midwives, a life time later!) and White Boy (Luc Roeg) who are stranded in the middle of the Australian Outback by their father in a horrific scene (a very terrible way to start the film). They then wander, hoping to get somewhere, until they come across Black Boy (David Gulpilil) who takes them about and feeds them and helps them.

I don’t understand all that happens in this film. There is some really terrible stuff (including the final scene of Black Boy, which I totally do not understand). But it is a film of its time, and it makes some really interesting points about life in modern society.