Three Amigos! (1986) Film Review

Three Amigos

It’s the height of the silent film era, and one of the big acts is The Three Amigos – a trio of heroes who play Mexican heroes who ride into small towns to save them from evil warlords. However when the three actors, Lucky Day (Steve Martin), Dusty Bottoms (Chevy Chase) and Ned Nederlander (Martin Short) get too big for their boots and end up out of work, they need to find a new way in life. A telegram comes from Mexico offering a huge reward if they turn up for a show – however they do not realise it was from Carmen (Patrice Martinez) a girl from a small town threatened by the evil El Guapo (Alfonso Arau), and she does not understand that movies are not real. When they arrive and find all is not showbiz, they show their cowardly side. But, they cannot in all conscience leave Carmen to El Guapo and his evil ways.

This is most definitely a classic comedy. Well structured with lots of ridiculous jokes, tonnes of slapstick and is the best work of all three leads. I love this film and I will always love this film.


Frankenweenie (2012) Film Review


Victor is a loner. He hangs out in his attic with his inventions, his video camera and his dog, Sparky. But tragedy strikes with Sparky, his only friend, is killed in a car accident. At school, Victor has a new science teacher, the mysterious Mr Rzykruski. He teaches the class about experiments and electricity, and Victor manages to use the nightly electric storm to bring Sparky back. The science fair on its way, and when his secret gets out there are strange and unusual consequences.

The first half of the film is exactly what you’d expect from a Tim Burton re-imagination of the Frankenstein film. Dog brought back from dead with a bunch of weird characters. I was even getting to the point where I’d had enough – and then it stepped up to the next level. Things got weird, but awesome weird, and I felt the film was redeemed. The style is so beautiful, but it does feel like the same old Tim Burton stuff. I always look forward to his next thing. I only hope that the next thing steps up in a big way.

Frankenweenie was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, a BAFTA for Best Animated Film and a Golden Globe for Best Animated Film, amongst many other award nominations.