Masquerades (2008) Film Review


Mounir (Lyes Salem) is a nobody in his village. The only reason people know him is because his beautiful sister Rym (Sarah Reguieg) has narcolepsy and falls asleep all over the place. He wants to be a big shot, and when his young son reveals that the villagers gossip that Rym will ever marry, he invents a false fiancé . The story grows until it the fiancé is an extremely wealthy, blonde Australian. Everyone wants to be friends with the man whose family will soon be wealthy. Mounir is stuck – how to get out of the lie without losing the prestige he has built. With the help of his wife Amine (Merouane Zmirli) and his mate Khliffa (Mohamed Bouchaib), Mounir tries.

This is a cute comedy, but some aspects are a bit lost in translation for me. I don’t have much of an understanding of Algerian village life and the way it works. It seems that the men are in charge of everything for the women, and I do like the strong female characters of the sister and wife who challenge Mounir. Gossip is universal, and the scenes where gossip about the fiancé is spreading is very funny. I liked it, but I felt there was stuff which I missed. I also think the ending came too quickly and didn’t really resolve enough. Perhaps there could have been just one or two more scenes to finishing tying up the loose ends. But, overall, quite a nice little romantic comedy.