Beaches (1988) Film Review


As eleven year olds, CC Bloom (Mayim Bialik) and Hilary (Marcie Leeds) meet on holiday. They are from very different backgrounds – CC is working class Brooklyn, and Hilary is from a very wealthy other part of the world. As adults (now played by Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey), they share parts of their lives, but flit in and out. And that’s about it. (Oh, ok, sad ending – but this is a well-known tear jerker, so I’ll leave you to decide that).

I was a mega-fan as a teenager, so much so that I was surprised to find I can still quote large chunks! Now, it is dated and I find some things annoying that didn’t bother me before (like the amount of mooning at any single man in the film was a bit tedious) and the whole structure of it being an extended series of flashbacks was extremely tedious and unnecessary, but overall, it was totally good. Though if I think about it, if you didn’t love it at the time, it might be a bit hard to love it now.

Beaches was nominated for an Oscar for Best Art-Direction- Set Direction.