Men in Black: International (2019) Film Review

As a child, Agent M (Tessa Thompson) saw an alien and the Men in Black, but avoided the mind-wipey thing. And has spent her whole life trying to find out what this organisation is and how she could get involved. Finally, she gets in and ends up paired with Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) the star of the organisation who works alone. Only… now he doesn’t. And things don’t seem right to M.

I love the Men in Black franchise. Fun, absurd, action, aliens, and all of that. What’s not to like? And this was great. And there was Emma Thompson as well. This was so much ace fun, I loved it heaps.

Goodbye, Crown Vic

I’m a bit of a podcast listener, and one that I enjoy daily is the NPR Story of the Day podcast. Each day, it plays a segment from one of their shows, and is extremely varied. Last week, one of the stories reported that the last Crown Vic had rolled off the production lines. I wasn’t too fussed about that, until it was mentioned that this was the model used for most cop cars and taxis in the US for quite some time, and I had a wave of nostalgia for The Blues Brothers and that amazing chase scene. Then I started to do a bit of online research. (Well, I watched the Dixie Square sequence on YouTube)

The Crown Vic wasn’t used in The Blues Brothers. (Anyone who knows the film well enough to quote will be able to tell you it’s a Dodge).  However, it was used in Blues Brothers 2000.  Hmmm…. The Crown Vic was also used in Men in Black, the Naked Gun, Heat, Superbad, Monsters Ball and Mystic River. Well, good on you, Crown Vic. Some of those films were good, but none of you were Blues Brothers. Especially not Blues Brothers 2000.

Then I remembered that I don’t really care about cars.