Military Antics

So, I was at a friend’s place the other day and we were watching The View. I’ve avoided watching this for a long time because, as a young girl, Whoopi Goldberg was my hero, and I’m scared to see what she is like now. Essentially, I don’t want to find out that she is a nutter or has extreme views that freak me out and stop me from being able to enjoy Jumping Jack Flash ever again.

It was Flag Day in the US (to commemorate the adoption of the US flag in 1777 – incidentally, Sep 3 is Australia’s flag day. Anyone ever heard of that?) and to celebrate, they had some Marines on doing some cool stuff with guns. I possibly just insulted various people on different levels. I have done some searching and could not find the clip, but found this. They are called the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon and they are seriously cool. Seriously. Maybe it’s the theatre lover in me, but these guys are awesome – and they have bayonets attached, so that is extra cool. Honestly, I never thought I’d be geeking out over something like this – I’m surprised.

Then my aunt sent me a link to this clip – the closing of the border between Pakistan and India. Those high kicks are fabulous. This clip is from The Longest Road by British Indian comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar –  you may remember him from The Kumars at No. 42.

This next one is titled “Chins 60th Anniversary Parade (HD) – Beauty And Strength – Women’s Army Militia. Can’t resist saying it – I love those boots.

Here’s the changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. Amazing high kicks – and I like the little head tilt ‘hello’

Finally, the changing of the Swiss Guard at the Vatican. I’ve seen pictures of these guys before. I still don’t believe the outfits. Oddly enough, these current uniforms were created in 1914. That’s not Renaissance at all. Also, they may be the heaviest uniform, each is made up of 154 separate pieces and takes up to 32 hours and 3 fittings to complete. There’s another fact for today – enjoy.