Out of the Blue (2006) Film Review


Out of the Blue was paired with Snowtown on the SBS One Saturday night film season, and it’s no wonder. Snowtown is about a bunch of killings in Adelaide; Out of the Blue is about a massacre is a small town in New Zealand. Both are based on real events.

David Gray is a grumpy recluse who yells at the neighbourhood kids if they come too close to his house, and who spends his spare time collecting guns. The story is told from multiple perspectives, including Gray’s. We see the delusions he has before he finally snaps and starts to shoot people. The film jumps all over the place, moving from one story to another whilst staying in a chronological order. I didn’t feel a strong connection to any characters (except perhaps the elderly woman who crawled to get assistance for one of the victims), yet I felt their fear, panic, confusion and sadness.