Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) Film Review


There are two half-brothers, Dragon and Tiger. When he is a child, Dragon’s mother dies and he is adopted by a local gang-lord and grows up to be his bodyguard. There is a place, Dragon Tiger Gate, in a violent, gang-ridden city where homeless children are taught skills of self-defence. This is run by their father. As adults, the two brothers encounter and fight each other. There is also a plaque, which is a symbol of authority. The plaque gets lost, various people fight. Oh, and there is another guy called Turbo Dragon. I’m not sure on quite what his role is, but he’s very cool.

There is a lot of fighting. It is very cool fighting, with awesome music and special effects. The plot itself was somewhat lacking at times, but it was such an exciting visual spectacular that I could ignore any weakness in the story and just shout lots as exciting punching happened.