Obvious Child (2014) MIFF Review


USA 85 Mins

Donna Slate (Jenny Slate) is a stand up comedienne who shares a lot about her personal life on stage. This doesn’t really suit her boyfriend, who leaves her (for her best mate, although she’s not really seen and this doesn’t seem to be a big issue). Donna deals with this in an adult manner – she gets drunk with some friends and ends up sleeping with nice guy Max (Jake Lacey). And pregnant.

It’s a fun film, especially the dark humour. Parts didn’t really work all that well for me, especially the very clunky use of the Paul Simon song that gave the film its title. But, even though I felt that Donna had the self-focusing Girls-like annoying personality, she was quite a strong character who had a good support network and was able to stand up for herself when needed. I do always like seeing Richard Kind and David Cross on screen, though I felt their characters were not really needed in the story. It’s worth a watch, unless you find humour about women’s bodies and the like uncomfortable or not funny.

Obvious Child is screening at 6:30pm on Friday August 15 at The Capitol, and at 6:30pm on Saturday August 16 at the Forum. Book tickets at MIFF or call 9662 3722