99% – The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film (2013) MIFF Film Review



USA  97 mins

In 2011,  a large group of people descended on Zuccotti Park near Wall Street to protest about the decline of finances in America. The rich get raises, the poor struggle to survive on minimal wage and many people lose their houses to banks foreclosing, often in extremely unjust manners. Anonymous, the internet protest group featured in We Are Legion at MIFF 2012, rallied to get people to take a stance that resulted in the Occupy Wall St movement. The protesters stayed in Zuccotti Park for over a year before being removed, and they inspired similar protests across the globe.

When the Occupy movement came to Melbourne, I was cynical. Here, we’ve done pretty well. The global financial crisis did not hit Australia in the way it has hit the rest of the world. We haven’t had the mortgage debt problems and all the foreclosure. Essentially, there didn’t seem to be so much to protest. Having watched this documentary, I have a little more interest in what they were protesting, and why. The film was made by a large number of protesters taking footage and combining it to tell the story, and it worked well. None-the-less, my cynicism has kicked in, and I wonder what it was all for. A year or so on, who remembers Occupy?

99% The Occupy Wall St Collaborative Film  screens at Greater Union on Saturday, June 27 at 4pm and at ACMI on Thursday, August 1 at 1:45pm. To book tickets, visit http://miff.com.au/