Once Upon a Time – TV Review

Another in the twist-on-a-fairytale genre, Once Upon a Time is set in two worlds; the current day reality of a town called Storybrooke in the US, and in the world of fairytales. The evil witch Regina has put a spell on the fairytale world that has caused the characters to lose their memory and they are now living a modern day existence. Along comes Emma, a bail bondswoman who is tracked down by  Henry, the child she had and adopted ten years previously. Henry was adopted by Regina, who is one of only two from the fairytale land who know the truth.  He has figured some of it out, and tried to convince Emma that she has to lift the curse.

It’s pretty convoluted story-wise, and at times, it feels that extra events have been pushed in just to get the full twenty-two episodes into the series. Each episode looks at a different fairy tale, and shows how the characters have ended up in Storybrooke.

This show is clearly aimed at a younger audience. There are some dark storylines, but in general, it is much lighter and less gruesome. I do find, however, that I don’t really believe the reactions of many of the characters throughout.  Despite some of the lengthy unraveling of characters’ pasts, many still seem very two-dimensional and I think this takes a lot away from the show. But then there’s Robert Carlyle, who is so amazing. Even he is not enough to make this an awesome show, but it’s pretty good. Good enough for me to watch the first season and I’ve now started watching the second season.