Sione’s 2 : Unfinished Business (2012) Film Review


After Sione’s Wedding, the boys seemed to have got themselves together. They had girlfriends and a life. And then, suddenly, Sione (Pua Magasiva) drops dead after being hit on the head with a basketball – though it was an aneurysm, nothing related to the hit. But Bolo (David Fane) who threw the ball has disappeared and the boys think he may be suicidal.

Michael (Robbie Magasiva) has returned from Australia, Albert (Oscar Kightley) is taking a moment from attempting to get his wife pregnant, Sefa (Shimpal Leilisi) is trying to figure out why his girlfriend is so happy, and Stanley (Iaheto Ah Hi) is tied up with a new religion. They need to find Bolo and then discover Sione’s secrets.

I really enjoyed Sione’s Wedding, but I liked this more. Sure, there were still a lot of issues around the representation of women, but it is mostly the men who are left looking like the fools. You know what I’d love to see? I’d love to see what would happen if these guys put together a film that had fabulous female characters in decent roles. Come on, guys, give it a go.


Sione’s Wedding (2006) Film Review


Sione (Pua Magasiva) is getting married, but due to a series of wedding misadventures, his brother and three mates are banned – unless they get girlfriends. Not just dates, serious girlfriends. There’s Michael (Robbie Magasiva), a womaniser who prefers the Caucasian ladies, but none of his regular dates really take him seriously. Stanley (Oscar Kightley), who is a bit shy around the ladies and cannot see a good thing when it is right in front of him. Stanley (Iaheto Ah Hi), who is obsessed with a voice on a dating party line. And finally, Sefa (Shimpal Lelisi) who is in a long-term relationship that he takes far less seriously than his love of the drink. How can they ever get to Sione’s wedding?

It’s a sweet film. Fun, light-hearted, gentle and funny. It’s not the best representation of women, but it is just the fact that these guys are so hopeless at interacting with women that brings the humour… and the joke is on them.

It would have been nice to have had a woman or two in the film who were not ideals put on a pedestal, but we can’t have it all, can we? Ah it’s fun. Enjoy it for what it is.