Children of Men by P.D. James – Book Review

Set in a dystopian future, the year 2021, where the entire human population has become infertile. The last generation of people born are now in their mid-twenties, and everything is starting to shut down. Theo is an Oxford scholar whose cousin, Xan, is the Warden of England, overseeing the way the country functions. Some see him as a hero and others as a tyrant. Theo ends up getting involved with a rebel group almost against his will, but when he learns that one of them is pregnant and fearful of being treated as part of Xan’s propaganda, he knows he must get her to safety.

I watched the film based on this book last year, and it is a fabulous film, and made me want to read the book. Interestingly, it takes the concept of the book, the world and the way things function, but then takes it in a slightly different direction. For me, while I enjoyed the book, I found the film explored the world in a far more complex and interesting way. But I would recommend both, for sure.