Eleven Seasons by Paul D Carter – Book Review

Eleven Seasons

Jason Dalton is a high school student in the eighties. He is a talented football player with little interest in schoolwork. His mother works a lot to support them. Jason is convinced that he has what it takes to play professionally, but his mother cannot support him playing, and a wedge is driven between them. Gradually, he begins drifting.

For me, this is one of those books that I didn’t mind when I was reading it, but looking back I like it more and more. The characters, in particular Jason, are interesting and flawed. Even when you don’t want to like them, you are drawn to them. I felt that it was a good look into the mind of a teenage boy, with all of the hopes and dreams driving the self-centred behaviour.

I was disappointed with the way the time frames were addressed. The teenage years were interesting, but then three years are skipped and when we return to Jason, he is piecing together his life, with only brief mention of those years. I felt as though I had been drawn into his mind and his life and then didn’t get to go on the whole journey.

Eleven Seasons was the winner of The Australian Vogel’s Literary Award 2012. This award is for an unpublished manuscript for an author under thirty-five years of age. Paul D. Carter was a guest at the 2012 MWF. More here.