Robot & Frank (2012) Film Review


It’s not too far into the future and there are robotic helpers all over the place. Frank (Frank Langella) is a man growing older and is starting to get a bit confused about things. His son, Hunter (Peter Sarsgaard), sick of having to visit every week unsure of what state he will find Frank in gets Frank a helper robot. Frank is initially against this, but discovers that the robot is able to assist is a manner unexpected to all.

Any film about dementia is bound to be tough in some way or another. The exploits of Frank with his Robot are sweet and entertaining, but still allow the gentle tragedy of his situation come through. I’m trying hard not to say much about the story, as the story is delightful, especially if you don’t know where it is coming from or going to.

An Education (2009)


It’s the 1960s in London. Schoolgirl Jenny Mellor (Carey Mulligan) plays cello and is studying hard to get in to Oxford, pushed by her parents who have high ambitions for her. Suddenly, in the rain, she is swept off her feet by David Goldman (Peter Sarsgaard), an older, rich man who charms her parents into allowing her to go on sophisticated dates and even weekends abroad.

This doesn’t feel like an unfamiliar film, but I cannot say why. Certainly, the wonderful Carey Mulligan who plays the eager yet naïve schoolgirl beautifully brings it to life. It’s not a slow film, but it doesn’t race to go anywhere. Also, somehow, I wanted more from the end. I’m not sure what. I’m not sure that it could have put any more in to the end without annoying me, but I felt like I wanted just a bit more.