Real Humans -TV Review


Real Humans is an amazing Swedish show that screened on SBS earlier in the year. It’s set in an alternative present (or perhaps the very near future) where many jobs, both around the house and in the workplace, are completed by humanoid robots called Hubots. The Hubots have a variety of different facades, and some look very close to actual humans. The program has a variety of storylines running through that overlap and interweave with each other. There is the Real Humans group who are anti-Hubots and want them destroyed; the sleazy sex-clubs where humans go to interact with the Hubots; the people who fall in love and start long-term relationships with the Hubots; there are also a group of modified Hubots that have independent thought and thinking.

It’s an extremely clever show that looks at how humans treat each other and what happens when society is challenged by advanced technology. The make-up and acting of the Hubots is incredible – obviously, it is real people who are playing the robots, but their appearance has been cleverly modified to give them fake looking skin; plus, their actions are jolted and their facial expressions are blank.

There are rumours of a second season being commissioned, as well as an English language version. I’m not too fussed about a remake, but bring on season two.