Red State (2011) Film Review


It’s small town America, the type of place where the funeral of a gay boy horrifically killed is picketed by a group of fundamentalist Christians. Travis (Michael Andarano) is your typical horny high school buddy who goes along with his mate Randy (Ronnie Connell) and Billy-Ray (Nicholas Braun) for a sex-romp set up on a Tinder-like app. Only on the way, they sideswipe a parked vehicle and this marks them for police attention. But, the sex-romp isn’t the exciting three-way that they had hoped – instead, they are drugged and taken to the church of those aforementioned fundamentalists where they are tagged to be killed for their sins. However, their damaged car has claimed the attention of the police and before you know it, the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) is involved and there is a whole heap of shooting and killing.

This is certainly a dark film – there are some serious deaths, often of characters that you did not expect to die, and a fabulous ending. And what is scary is that it doesn’t seem to be too far off what potentially could be happening over there – and what could be getting covered up. Brrr, shivers down my spine. And great to see Kevin Smith moving from his usual comedy into real dark comedy.