The Broken Shore -TV Review

The Broken Shore

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Joe Cashin (Jon Haney) is a cop who has returned to the rural seaside town of his youth to recooperate from an injury caused through his work. An old man in the neighbouring region is killed and he ends up on the scene, although then it is taken over by a nasty piece of work cop, Hopgood (Anthony Hayes). Regardless of the conclusions that Hopgood is making, Cashin continues with his own investigation and discovers a much deeper and more sinister story.

I read the book by Peter Temple a few years ago and quite enjoyed it (if enjoy is the correct word for this type of graphic, violent and troubling book), although I seem to recall finding it a bit dense at times, leaving me to really use my brain to put it all together. The television interpretation is excellent, taking the essence of the characters, most particularly Cashin, and bringing the story together leaving far less confusion. It’s not that it was dumbed down at all; it was actually extremely true to the book. Rather, it was that getting all the information presented to you over about ninety minutes in one sitting worked better for me that the several days or possibly even weeks it took me to read the book.

About The Weather – Sam Simmons

It’s fast paced, it’s surreal, it’s musical and it’s amazing. Sam Simmons has a knack for grabbing the audience and taking them on a sprint – forget about the relaxed journey with its slow reveals and gentle nature, this is more like being punched lots, but funny punches that don’t hurt. Sort of. Unless you’re the guy on the spinning chair. I reckon that probably hurt a bit.

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