Four Lions (2010) Film Review


How can terrorism be funny, I ask myself? If it’s done by Christopher Morris is the answer. If you are not familiar with his work, check out his television shows Brass Eye and if you are brave, Jam (Jam is extremely challenging comedy that I found too disturbing and had to turn off, so be very brave).

This film follows a group of wannabe English-born Muslim terrorists who are planning an attack on British ground. Their key problem? They are extremely stupid and incompetent. That is what is funny about the film. It is still somewhat shocking and a little full on at times, but geez, I laughed.

Certainly don’t watch this if you are not interested in comedy that has an element of wrongness about it, but if you like black comedy, check it out.

Shifty (2008) Film Review


Shifty (Riz Ahmed) is a pretty low-time drug dealer working out of his brother’s house in a very clean part of London. His old mate, Chris (Daniel Mays) appears out of the blue, having disappeared after a tragic event. They spend the day together taking care of Shifty’s business, but things don’t go smoothly.

It’s not a bad film. The plot is tidy and works well, the characters are relatable and there are some pretty interesting turns. But it just seems too sanitized – after seeing really gritty dramas about life and drugs in London (Harry Brown, Wild Bill, Turnout) this feels lightweight and quite frankly, a bit pointless. Perhaps filmmakers in the UK need to think about new topics for their movies?  Having said this, director Eran Creevy clearly knows how to put a film together. All I know about his most recent film, Welcome to the Punch (released in the UK this year) is that it was slammed on Film Fandango, a movie podcast I listen to. However, the slamming of the movie made me want to see it. I’ll keep you posted.