Mood Indigo (2013) Film Review


Ah, Michel Gondry, do you need a storyline anymore, or are you just up for the beauty and mystery that you can create in a film? This is a pretty straightforward story – Colin (Romain Duris) longs for love when he realises that both his friends, lawyer and chef Nicolas (Omar Sly) and philosopher Chick (Gad Elmaleh) are partnered up. He meets Chloe(Audrey Tautou) and they quickly pair up. But shortly after they marry, she ends up with a water-lily in her lung her health deteriorates.

Yup, nuts. I loved it for its beauty, but hated it for its story- or lack thereof. Still, I shall continue to watch Michel Gondry’s films hoping to capture a moment the perfection I found in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Heartbreaker (L’arnacoeur) (2010) Film Review


Alex (Romain Duris), his sister Melanie (Julie Ferrier) and her husband Marc (Francois Damiens) run a company that split up couples. For example, if your sister is dating a loser and is unhappy, Alex will start to seduce her to show her that she deserves better. There are rules; he will not sleep with a target and they will only break up unhappy couples. Then he is employed by a man with strong gangster connections to break up his daughter Juliette’s engagement – with only ten days before the wedding.

I’d be most surprised if there is not a Hollywood version of this film made in the future – if it does not already exist. It’s classic RomCom – and it’s great fun. It reminds me somewhat of Failure to Launch or Hitch – I guess it is the whole thing of a person who thinks they are beating the game of love but end up learning a lesson.

The only real issue I had with the film was the total lack of chemistry between the couple who are allegedly falling in love. A lot of that came from the bored expression of Vanessa Paradis playing Juliette – she just seemed disinterested in everything the whole way through the film. Some emotion of any kind would have been good.