Floundering by Romy Ash – Book Review

It’s an intimidating experience when reading a book recommended by good friends who loved it. Oh, the pressure. What if I don’t love it? What if I am forced to enjoy it against my will because I have been influenced by them?

Luckily, these were not problems for me with Floundering. I just simply loved the book.

The story is told from the point of view of Tom, a small boy living with his older brother at his gran’s place. Then his mum turns up and takes the two boys across the country. She’s got a fair few problems, and the kids just become another issue for her to deal with.

Tom is very innocent and accepting of everyone around him. As an adult, reading about this world expressed from a child’s eyes is quite tough. The reader has far more of a sense of what is going on than the narrator, and I found I just wanted to protect him; to save him and make his world right. So good.