Shifty (2008) Film Review


Shifty (Riz Ahmed) is a pretty low-time drug dealer working out of his brother’s house in a very clean part of London. His old mate, Chris (Daniel Mays) appears out of the blue, having disappeared after a tragic event. They spend the day together taking care of Shifty’s business, but things don’t go smoothly.

It’s not a bad film. The plot is tidy and works well, the characters are relatable and there are some pretty interesting turns. But it just seems too sanitized – after seeing really gritty dramas about life and drugs in London (Harry Brown, Wild Bill, Turnout) this feels lightweight and quite frankly, a bit pointless. Perhaps filmmakers in the UK need to think about new topics for their movies?  Having said this, director Eran Creevy clearly knows how to put a film together. All I know about his most recent film, Welcome to the Punch (released in the UK this year) is that it was slammed on Film Fandango, a movie podcast I listen to. However, the slamming of the movie made me want to see it. I’ll keep you posted.