The Clasp by Sloane Crosley – Book Review

Victor, Kezia and Nathaniel went to uni with each other, but now they are reaching 30 and trying to figure out who they are. Victor becomes obsessed with a possibly real fictional piece of jewellery and somehow, through their own paths, all three end up in France.

I felt as though I shouldn’t have enjoyed this book as much as I did –  the characters are annoyingly self-obsessed and under achieving – but it is funny and fun.  I wanted it to be about 50 pages longer (as I seem to often want from a book)- I felt like there was a lot of setup in the book and I wanted it to go further. I loved the meeting between Victor and the mother of the groom at a wedding and the obsession that Victor develops around this story. The idea that a brief but significant conversation can lead to a whole thing.

How did you get this number by Sloane Crosley – Book Review

I saw Sloane Crosley on a panel at MWF a few years ago and thought she was marvellous. I promised myself that I’d read her books and then promptly forgot. When I saw she was back for MWF 2019, I finally got into action, and I’m so glad I did. Her stories are personal, self-deprecating and often extremely hilarious. It’s good to have an author like this up your sleeve for the times when you need a lift. Also, yes, the lack of question mark in the title really does bother me.