Somebody Up There Likes Me (2012) MIFF Film Review


USA 76 mins

What story there is in this film is told like a jigsaw in five-year bites, with each leap taking the main characters to a new place in their lives. Max (Keith Poulson) is married, then not, then in love, then in business and all the time, he is accompanied by his friend Sal (Nick Offerman).

This feels like an anti-dote to the manic pixie dream girl films that I have started to hate. There is an element of this genre, but the protagonist, Max Youngman, is so hilariously unlikable that it’s turned about a fair bit. I loved it, even the ever-present annoying soundtrack and the quirkiness of the plot. I get the feeling that I will be keeping my eyes open for films by director Bob Byington for years to come.

Somebody Up There Loves Me screens at Greater Union on Tuesday, July 30 at 9pm and at the Forum Theatre on Monday, August 5 at 4pm To book tickets, visit