Outrage Beyond (2012) – MIFF Film Review


Japan 112 mins

There are several yakuza gangs fighting for ultimate power. There are corrupt cops. No-one knows who to trust. They all have guns and lots of them end up dead.

This is the sequel to Kitano’s Outrage (2010) and I think that is where the problems started for me. I didn’t know anything about these yakuza gangs, and nothing was really explained to me. I also didn’t care about any of the characters – I had no idea whose side I should be on and so it was just a film about a bunch of men trying to kill each other. Perhaps if you’re a massive fan of Takeshi Kitano, you’ll love it.

Outrage Beyond screens at Greater Union on Wednesday, August 7 at 9pm and on Friday, August 9 at 9pm. To book tickets, visit http://miff.com.au/