Tales of the Night (2011) MIFF Film Review



Absolutely beautiful and simply delightful. Tales of the Night is a 3D animation that depicts three people who meet in an abandoned cinema to create and act out moral tales from around the world. The animation creates these worlds with silhouettes that seem to come to life in 3D. I have had some so-so experiences with 3D, and was hesitant with this one, so was pleased when it was used in such an effective manner.

The three characters of the film were so sweet, especially when the old man asked the young man and woman at the start of each tale if they are ready and, as if they are excitedly kicking off down a slide, they shout ‘Oui!’ and an owl hoots and we are in the tale.

It was a change to be catching a tram down Swanston Street between sessions to see this in Hoyts Melbourne Central, especially as all of my sessions have been leisurely walks from each other, but the extremely comfortable seats at Hoyts were very welcome, especially after spending any time at Greater Union.