Wish You Were Here (2012) Film Review

Wish You Were Here

Husband and wife Dave(Joel Edgerton) and Alice Flannery (Felicity Price) take a trip to South East Asia with her sister Steph (Teresa Palmer) and friend Jeremy (Antony Starr). Alice is pregnant so, the night of a Full Moon festival, she heads to bed while the others party. The next day, Jeremy is gone, and eventually, the others return home. Gradually, the story unwinds.

I found this film quite traumatic. Possibly because it is, for the most part, very plausible. It is easy to imagine things getting out of hand on holiday, and while this is extreme, it may well have happened. The tension came about through the gradual reveal, and that the audience only knew as much as the characters. There were a lot of parts I hated, but they were when people were being horrible to each other. For me, this definitely fits into the sadtacular category – a good film that I do not ever want to see again.

Warm Bodies (2013) Film Review


I’m not crazy for zombie films. I tend to get too scared – especially the new running zombies. The old staggerers I could deal with. But a good zombie comedy – you won’t hear me complain about that. A zomromcom? I only knew of one, Sean of the Dead (love it) until now.

Something has happened – it might have been a virus or something else. That’s not important. But now, there are zombies. R (Nicolas Hoult)  has been a zombie for a while, and is pretty bored with his life – shuffling about, looking for food, trying to entertain himself and remember what it was like to be human. And then he falls in love – with a real, live human. Julie (Teresa Palmer) is stuck behind enemy lines, and R saves her. Before long, things start to change. But can she love him, and is there any place in this world for this love?

Fun, silly, and thoroughly enjoyable. I suppose you could argue that it takes a look at what it is to be human, and what happens when we lose sight of our humanity. I just liked the chasing and fighting. And the montage on the plane. That was pretty funny.