The Enemy by Charlie Higson – Book Review

It’s London, some time after a strange event has occurred that has turned all the adults into zombie-like creatures. Kids are trying to survive, defending themselves as they roam the streets trying to find ways to survive.

It’s like The Walking Dead, but kids and in London. It’s cool. If you’ve got teens (or maybe even pre-teens) who like the Gone series by Michael Grant, they might like this series. I’ve only read the first one at this stage, so I’ll look forward to seeing what happens as the series goes on.

The Enemy by Lee Child – Book Review

The Enemy takes us into Jack Reacher’s past, back to when he was a Military Policeman and dealing with a most unusual case. There are people dying, and at the same time, army officials are being moved from base to base across the globe. Reacher is suspicious, and once he finds a couple of people he can trust (unsurprisingly one being a highly attractive woman), he gets to work figuring it out.

Oh, so good. Young Reacher, Reacher’s brother, travelling the world, it’s all happening. At school, the mum of one of my mates used to call these types of books chewing gum books – in the same way that chewing gum tricks your stomach into thinking that it’s about to eat, reading these books trick your mind into thinking it’s about to get some knowledge. (Actually, the Reacher books are a lot better than the rubbish I was enjoying back then, but similar). I like to think of them as palate cleansers – just to get me ready for another mental meal.