The Land Before Avocado by Richard Glover – Book Review

Nostalgic for Australia of the 60s and 70s? Think everything was better then? This is the book for you… unless you hate being proven wrong. Glover looks back to his youth at everything from cars and holidays to man-made fabrics and strange dinner parties. It’s hilariously familiar – I’m old enough that some of this stuff was still happening in my childhood. Like, everything being shut on Sundays. I remember meandering about with friends on bikes, dashing diagonally across the carpark at the local shops because nothing was open and the carparks were empty. And Sunnyboys. They were amazing. But, as Glover points out, most things are better now – safer, less institutionalised and generally accepted racism, sexism and homophobia, and in almost every case, just better. Still, crocheted slacks and no seat belts? Crazy times.