The Nightingale (2013) MIFF Review


China/France   100 Mins

Ren Xing is a spoilt little rich girl living in Beijing with two extremely wealthy and workaholic parents. When a situation arises during her holidays whereby no one can look after her, she goes with her grandfather on a journey to his home town. There are adventures along the way, and Ren Xing learns there is more to life than her iPad.

It’s a stunning film; the images of modern life and the rural forests and villages are absolutely stunning, and it is carried along by a sweet story. There was never a doubt about what story was being told, but that didn’t matter at all. I felt that the sub-plot of the parents’ marriage decay was a bit laboured and not that necessary, but in such a delightful film, I can easily forgive that.

It’s a film that is worth watching for the trees alone – two in particular. Huge, massive, old, and absolutely stunning.

The Nightingale is part of the Next Gen Program and has school screenings on Monday August 4 at 11am and Wednesday August 13 at 1:30pm at ACMI as well as a screening at Kino on August 2 at 4:30pm. Book through ATOM or at MIFF or call 9662 3722