The Foretelling of Georgie Spider by Ambelin Kwaymullina – Book Review

The final of the trilogy, this sees Georgie Spider, whose gift is seeing into multiple futures, seeing only futures which result in the death of Ashala Wolf, the leader of The Tribe. Knowing Ashala’s need to protect others above herself, Georgie works with The Tribe to try to create a new future where the battles are won and Ashala remains alive.

Kwaymullina has created an amazing world filled with horrors, with heroes and villains, and she totally drew me in. I desperately wanted things to work out, but I couldn’t see a way through. This entire trilogy is compelling, exciting and different. If you like YA dystopian novels, this is an absolute must.

The Disappearance of Ember Crow by Ambelin Kwaymullina – Book Review

Back at The Firstwood, Ember has gone missing. Ashala needs to find her, but if Ember doesn’t want to be found, it’s going to take a group effort to make it happen. Ember has secrets that she thinks will cast her out from The Tribe, and what Ashala learns leaves her rethinking her entire world.

Still told mostly from Ashala’s perspective, the reveal about Ember, her past and how this relates the battle The Tribe are facing and their very existence is a very unexpected twist. I loved that as Ashala was recalibrating to the new information, so was I. I couldn’t put the book down, wanting to see how they could navigate these changes.

The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf by Ambelin Kwaymullina – Book Review


It’s a dystopian world where there is only one continent, humans were all but wiped out and there are now just a handful of cities. Some people are born with gifts (such as Runners, who can run super-fast, Boomers who can create earthquakes, and Skychangers who can control the weather), but they are feared and imprisoned. Ashala Wolf is the leader of The Tribe, a group of young people who have managed to stay free and live in the Firstwood. This book comes in with Ashala captured by the evil Chief Administrator Neville Rose who is intent on using his machine to learn where The Tribe are so he can destroy them.  As I read this interrogation, I was wondering to myself why Kwaymullina had chosen to tell the story this way, which lead to a lot of exposition and not a lot of action, and then POW! Everything changes. Big time. I don’t want to give even a hint of how, because I loved the reveal and the way it led to the rest of the story. So good.