Their Finest (2016) Film Review

It’s World War 2 in the UK and morale is low. The retreat from Dunkirk has just happened, where hundreds of civilian boats sailed the channel to rescue as many retreating British soldiers, and it looks like things will get worse. One of the ways that the government looks to make people feel better is through entertainment, in particular, films. However their recent attempts have failed. Enter: Tom Buckley (Sam Calflin), a screenwriter who hires Catrin Cole (Gemma Arterton) to help with the “slop” (women’s dialogue). They have a plot, they just need to impress the bigwigs, and find a way to get it made.

I loved this. I cried throughout (I’m a massive sook in movies, and this is set in a war, and so there are a lot of not great things happening, and it set me off a heap). The cast is fabulous, with the most wonderful performance from the always fabulous Bill Nighy, and it’s been an age since I’ve seen Richard E. Grant getting a decent role. Watch it. Do.