Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi – Book Review

Continuing from Children of Blood and Bone, this book follows Zelie and Amari as they try to find a way to keep the magic they battled to bring back and find a way to lead the country. But some things they thought they knew turn out to be untrue and they find it increasingly difficult to know who to trust.

I read the first book over a year ago, and I really struggled to get back into this world. I feel like there was a lot of assumed knowledge which I’d forgotten, and it made it hard for me to follow the plot. I persisted, and it was an exciting story with some pretty awesome battles, but I didn’t necessarily buy into some of the choices made, or perhaps more particularly, the reasons for these choices.

I believe there is a third book to come, and I would be suggesting to those interested to either hold off until all three are published, or to be prepared to do a re-read to get back into the world. Or have a better memory than mine… I can’t help that, I’m afraid!

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi – Book Review

Once, there was magic but it was destroyed and most of the maji were killed by the king. The kingdom rules with oppression, raising taxes and enslaving those who cannot pay them. Now, Ziele, a young girl whose mother was murdered and who has maji in her, has the chance to bring back magic. It’s a journey that she doesn’t know if she can complete, but she has her brother and various other folks along the way to help her.

I love a good YA dystopian fantasy. It’s an adventure and it’s urgent and exciting. There were several parts in it where I became cross because surely, if you’re on such an important path, don’t get distracted. It’s too important. This is not a time to stop, it’s not a time to celebrate, it’s not a time to fall in love. Get your job done! Still, regardless of these flaws, I was really into the story and the world. I am looking forward to the sequels and I can see this being told onscreen, either as a film or TV series.