Infernal Affairs (2002) – Film Review



At a young age, Lau Kinming (Andy Lau) is recruited by the local crime kingpin to lead a double life – train as a cop, but be the inside man for the crimelord. After his training in the police academy, Chan Wing-yan (Tony Leung) is singled out as coming from a dodgy background, and is recruited to go deep undercover in the crime gang. Both the police and the gang know that there must be plants but neither can identify them.

Infernal Affairs is awesome. The story itself is extremely strong, and the way the twists and turns happen keep the audience guessing the whole way through. Plus, it is quite hard to identify who are bad and who are good – the lines are blurred throughout. The film won a lot of awards the year it was released and was selected for film festivals across the world, including our very own MIFF. Later, it went to inspire The Departed, a Martin Scorsese Hollywood version.