Upper Middle Bogan- TV Review


Bess is a highly-strung, middle-class doctor and mum when she discovers that she is actually adopted. Her real parents are outer suburb cashed-up bogans, running a drag racing team and living in a McMansion of mammoth proportions. Bess is determined to establish a relationship with her newly found family despite the roadblocks that appear along the way.

Upper Middle Bogan is written by Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler who are best known for creating the Librarians. This production, however, is of a higher quality. Certainly, the production has moved beyond the single set library room, but it is also that the writing is much stronger. Whilst some of the characters still have quite a two-dimensional, caricature feeling, there seems to be a lot more to them. The show has heart, as well as good jokes and mostly believable storylines. And any show that can *SPOILER ALERT* present “Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again” sung by an angelic-sounding choir with a bassoon solo… well that show takes my heart.