Blood Promise by Richelle Mead


At the end of Shadow Kiss, Rose has learned that Dmitri has been turned into a strigoi and, having made a pact that they both felt it was better to be dead than such an evil undead, Rose sets out to kill him for real. Blood Promise sees her leave St Vladimir’s alone and head to Russia to find his home town, the place she believes he will return to, even as a strigoi. Along the way, she stays in contact with Lissa back home through their connection, and sees Adrian’s in her dreams thanks to his spirit.

I have to be honest, I thought that I would have lost interest by this point. I thought that there was only so far that they could take the premise and keep me interested, but how wrong I was! This book kept me on my toes, and any time I though I knew what was happening, it shot off in a different direction. Plus, the end has a convincing and exciting lead in to the next novel.

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead – Book Review

Shadow Kiss

I had suspected that I would start to go off these books about here. I thought, like the True Blood books, the novelty of the world would have worn off and it would start going down the same paths repeatedly. No! What a surprise!

I’m not going to describe the world again – either go back to reviews of books earlier in the series or look it up online. Rose has started to see ghosts – first, that of Mason, who died in a battle in the previous book, but then others. She doesn’t know what this means, and even heading to watch the evil villain from the first book get sentenced does not bring about all the answers. And then there is an attack, and battle and a counter attack. Wonderful, exciting. More, more, more.

Frostbite by Richelle Mead – Book Review


Rose and Lissa have fought off the threat in the first novel, and now are needing to focus on their lives. However, when the Moroi Royalty start being killed by packs of Strogli working in conjunction with humans, the way their society is structure needs to be challenged.

It’s violent and gory, but always appropriate to the world created. I continue to like the characters more and more, and the will-they-won’t-they romance with Dimitri is fascinating. I found some elements a bit repetitive and wanted to get straight to the action, but sometimes you need to get through the boring (but important for character and story development) self-reflection to get to the good and exciting action. Awesome, I’m totally looking forward to reading more.